Car Detailing

Detailing involves a keen eye for perfection and detail as the name suggests. Detailing involves thorough cleaning that a basic “valet” doesn’t offer. We refine a vehicles paint work, making it defect-free, by the removal of scratches and marring through the careful use of various polishes and pad combinations.



We believe in order for us to give you the best car detailing outcome, we require a consultation with you and your car. This is a FREE service which allows us to give you an in-depth overview of your vehicles current condition and what we can do to bring back the finish it once had or you wish to maintain. This includes full digital Paint Depth Analysis, Light Analysis, Dent & Damage repair detection as well as personal advice to what we could do & the likelihood of time & cost involved.



All vehicles undergo a process to remove all contaminants and foreign particles. This is done through a Multi-Stage wash process which includes a citrus pre-wash, snow foam and a safe two bucket wash method using pH neutral shampoo using lambswool wash mitts and soft bristle detailing brushes.
The entire vehicle is then fully clay barred to remove any tar and final contaminants from the paintwork.


Multi-Stage Correction

Various stages of machine and hand polishing are then used to remove fine scratches, swirls and holograms. This also perfects the gloss and reflections levels of the paintwork.



This involves the application of a silicon wax which can last up to 3 months or C-Quartz ceramic coating which lasts up to 3 years. Protection prevents foreign particles from adhering to the paintwork of the vehicle. Paint protection film is another service used to protect the paintwork



We offer other services such as maintenance washes, interior details and also engine bay details.
Contact Us so we can tailor a service to your specification.



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