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We offer a range of packages covering all available options. You can choose a detailing package from the options below or build your own bespoke bundle. If you live in Bexleyheath DA6 or DA7, get in touch to book your FREE consultation

Our New Car Paint Protection Detail is specifically designed to ensure your new vehicle begins its life in the best possible way and is fully protected over time. We safely prepare your new vehicle at our studio near Bexleyheath in the way that it deserves before applying quality products to all exterior surfaces. These provide great protection, easy maintenance and amazing levels of gloss.

Giving your new car the best possible protection and finish throughout its lifetime

You’d expect a new car to be delivered and presented with immaculate paintwork, with nothing to hide. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. From delivery, we have seen resprayed panels to sanding marks and buffer trails. Storage conditions, transportation damage and poor preparation during Pre-Delivery Inspection at the Dealership can cause many defects and problem areas that may need addressing, such as fine scratches, surface marring, factory induced sanding marks, holograms, metallic fallout and lacquer “fish eyes” to name a few.

If you bought your vehicle from a local Bexleyheath showroom, they'll have probably offered you their in-house packages such as Supaguard, AutoGlym, Lifeshine, DiamondBrite and GardX with “lifetime paint protection” and other big claims that cost £400+ but in reality, they offer poor value for money.

These products are often applied incorrectly, without any prior preparation to the paintwork and over poorly prepared paint finishes as the in-house valet team are given short timescales (1-2 Hours) with minimal training on how to correctly prepare and protect your newly purchased car.

Our New Car Detail typically takes 1-2 days (not 1 -2 hours) at our car detailing workshop near Bexleyheath and uses some the industries finest tools, chemicals and coatings; protecting your car between 12 months to 5 years. Thanks to the state of the art nano-ceramic coatings we provide unrivalled UV resistance, dirt repellency, easy clean and swirl resistance. With our Total Surface Protection package, we offer coatings for the alloys to be removed and coated inside and out, exterior glass coated and sealed with a durable rain repellent, interior protected with nano-ceramic coatings on carpets, Alcantara and leather to protect against any dirt & dye.

All in, this is the best start in life for your investment.

It is advised to ask your Bexleyheath dealership not to touch the car prior to collection, with no wash or polish as this way, we reduce the need for costly paint correction where fine scratches and swirls could have easily been induced in the preparation stages.

Full process

  • Full 21-stage safe wash process including decontamination
  • Hand and blow-dry to remove trapped water and eliminate drips
  • Single-stage machine polish to remove surface defects such as marring and fine scratches whilst enhancing gloss levels.
  • All polish residue removed by wiping down paintwork to prepare for the application of a ceramic coating.
  • Car paintwork coated with a ceramic sealant
  • Interior and exterior glass cleaned and polished
  • Tyres Dressed
  • Exhaust tips polished
  • Final inspection and wipe down
  • All available at our studio not far from Bexleyheath

*Recommended protection upgrades

Upgraded ceramic coating

  • Lasts 3-5 Years
  • Self-Cleaning & Hydrophobic
  • Unmatched gloss levels & clarity

Glass ceramic treatment

  • Improves Vision
  • Repels Dirt, Rain, Snow
  • Hydrophobic properties

Alloy and calliper ceramic treatment

  • Hydrophobic properties
  • Repels brake dust/easy to clean

Interior protection

  • Protect fabric from water-based stains
  • Easy to clean
  • Makes fabrics waterproof

Total Surface Protection Detailing Bundle

This is the ideal detailing bundle that we offer at our workshop not far from Bexleyheath. It's ideal for those looking for the maximum protection and surface functionality, inside and out, of their car - whether new or fully corrected. This new car bundle offers protection for the paintwork, light lenses, glass, exterior trim, rims, leather seats, carpets, door cards and dashboard.

This package is offered at a discounted rate over purchasing each of our protection packages individually.

Total surface protection

  • Upgraded Ceramic
  • Glass Treatment
  • Alloy Coating
  • Interior Protection

An entry-level package for our regular Bexleyheath customers to keep their cars looking the best all year round. This is a starting point detail to freshen up your vehicle's appearance.
An important factor in keeping your car looking great for a long time is the correct methods of care and maintenance. After having your vehicle detailed, waxed, ceramic coated or protected with PPF at our car detailing workshop near Bexleyheath, we recommend regularly hand washing your car to keep it looking its best.

We understand that not everyone has the time to wash their car themselves, so we offer aftercare services at our car detailing studio near Bexleyheath to keep your car looking awesome all year round.

VIP wash

  • Alloy wheels cleaned; front-facing, behind spokes and inner-rim
  • Wheel arches cleaned
  • Snowbath
  • Shampoo
  • Water Wax
  • Premium Cloth Dry
  • Dash Wipe Down & Hoover
  • Glass cleaned - In & Out
  • Tyres Dressed

Maintenance wash

  • Alloy wheels cleaned; front-facing, behind spokes and inner-rim
  • Wheel arches cleaned
  • Multi-stage safe wash process using pH neutral shampoo/foam
  • 3 Month Hydrofoam coating applied
  • Contactless vehicle blow-dry to prevent wash marring
  • Interior and exterior glass cleaned and polished
  • Dash Wipe Down & Hoover
  • Glass cleaned - In & Out
  • Tyres Dressed
  • All available at our car detailing workshop near Bexleyheath

Maintenance detail

  • Alloy wheels cleaned; front-facing, behind spokes and inner-rim
  • Wheel arches and door shuts cleaned
  • Multi-stage safe wash process using pH neutral shampoo/foam
  • Vehicle dab-dried with deep-pile microfibre cloths
  • Wax applied to bodywork
  • Interior and exterior glass cleaned and polished
  • Tyres Dressed
  • Interior thoroughly vacuumed including the luggage compartment
  • Interior trim/plastics wiped clean and all litter removed

Optional Extras

We have a comprehensive choice of optional extra's that you can add to your detailing package when booking

  • Door shuts cleaned
  • Engine bay detail
  • Wheels off deep clean
  • Show and shine wax
  • Interior deep clean
  • Convertible roof treatment
  • We're car detailing Bexleyheath experts

We're currently in the process of building this bundle for our Bexleyheath customers so check back soon for a full description.

Audi R8 Detail and Paint protection
Ford Mustang Bullit Stage 2 Detail
Range Rover Stage 3 Detail
Satin Pearl White Bentley Flying Spur
Audi RS5 Detail & Paint Protection
VW Golf R New Car Detail & Paint Protection

Build your own package

We offer a huge range of options and we're based locally too, (just outside of Bexleyheath) so why not get in touch with us to discuss what type of car detailing service you're interested in?

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