Ceramic Coating

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At FRSH Customs we offer a range of paint protection products to suit clients and their needs. We hand pick our products to suit individual needs and vehicle requirements including high quality wax, ceramic & nano coatings and paint protection films. We offer a much better level of protection and clarity than you would find from your typical dealership paint protection such as Autoglym, Lifeshine GuardX ect.

We offer wax protection as a standard on each detail as we don’t believe in detailing a vehicle without providing protection. The choice for which protection is entirely yours although we will offer advice which will be best suited for your budget.

Below is a range of products we use to give you an idea of what may benefit you and the important aspects of each product.

Wax Protection - 6-12 months durability

This is our standard protection which offers high gloss levels and adequate protection. This is ideal for clients on a budget and that are happy with the finish traditional waxes offer.


Ceramic Coating - up to 3-5 Years Protection

Ceramic coatings are a state of the art protection, which are highly resistant to scratches, whilst protecting your paintwork from the elements, such as road salt, while also offering high amounts of gloss levels. Our coatings are very hydrophobic offering fantastic water beading and water repellent properties, which in effect means it literally cleans it self. Also making it much easier to clean. Unlike many sealant packages once applied no more waxing will be required.


Paint Protection Film - 10 Year Durability

This is ultimately the best protection to go for. This stops stone chips, scratches and scuffs, meaning your paintwork will always look new. We use XPEL films meaning the film is self healing so when any surface marks are visible, direct sunlight or hot water will remove them.

All of our films are precisely designed and pre-cut meaning we do not cut onto your vehicle.

We offer coverage from bumpers, headlights to full car coverage.


Wheel & Caliper Coating

A unique chemical bond becomes the functional surface of your alloys, making dirt and brake dust repellent, also much easier to clean. The coating is designed to withstand extreme conditions and has advanced heat and chemical resistant properties that protect your alloys and callipers from brake dust and fallout ensuring they stay cleaner for longer. Lasts for up to 1 to 2 years.

Alloy Faces Only


Glass Treatment

A glass and windscreen treatment which repels and displaces water, enhancing visibility in wet driving conditions, reducing fatigue and increasing safety. Keeps windscreen cleaner longer & makes bugs & ice easy to remove.  Lasts for 12 months.

Windscreen Only


Interior Protection

Our interior protection treatment offers the best type of protection all round, whether your interior is fabric, leather or suede. Our fabric treatment make ordinary fabrics waterproof and easy to clean. It protects all kinds of fabrics from water and oil based stains, and prevents soaking, swelling or rotting on any fabric. Our treatment coats each fibre individually, leaving the texture unaffected, allowing the material to breathe. This means stale air will still be able to escape, while repelling water and oil based liquids. 

Our leather coating offers the best type of its protection against staining and dye transfer from jeans and dark suits on pale leather. Being solvent based it penetrates deep into the leather and adds water repellency to the surface of the leather. It also provides effective UV protection which prevents cracking and fading.

Total Surface Protection Bundle:

This is the ideal bundle for those looking for the maximum protection and surface functionality, inside and out, of their car - whether new or fully corrected. This bundle offers protection for the paintwork, light lenses, glass, exterior trim, rims, leather seats, carpets, door cards and dashboard.

This package is offered at a discounted rate over purchasing each of our protection packages individually.