Window Tinting

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One of the most cheapest and popular features you can add to your car is window tinting. Window tinting adds security, privacy and protection to your vehicle. A thin layer of quality window film which has been precision engineered is applied to the inside of the windows, giving you 100% UV protection keeping your interior from fading and protecting your passengers, as well as a choice of darkness to suit you.

We have collected our experience with window film over the course of thousands of installations we have learned to reach the best results. The most important thing is good communication with our clients. Our experience has helped us to choose the best material from the global market of car window films for you.



Parents understand how restless and agitated children can get when they are too hot in a car. Window tinting will keep your kids comfortable and protection them against harmful UV rays, the principal cause of skin cancer.


Protect your property for the prying eyes of thieves. Car thefts are normally carried out by opportunists who expect the window to smash and fall into the car so they can grab and run. Our window films hold the glass in place preventing them from easily accessing your goods.


Keep out those inquisitive eyes so you and your property are safe. Our window films allow privacy from the outside but still allowing the driver and passengers to clearly see out. This also allows lone drivers to feel less vulnerable.


Our films are designed not to shatter. Your family and contents of your car are safe in the event of an accident from the risk of bits of flying glass. Our film will hold the glass in place when broken.


Our films will block up to 99% of the suns harmful UV rays. It will keep you cool and minimise sun and headlight glare to help reduce the fatigue on your eyes. Also in the winter our films will help retain heat.


We have a Lifetime Warranty on all window film and back it 100%. No short edges or oddly cut corners, this is a professional shop with professional grade window tint for any vehicle. From Limo 5% to as light as the Legal Limit, let us know your desire and set up your appointment today. Ceramic Films available upon request


Factory tinted glass does NOT offer any protection against harmful UV rays. Also factory glass does not prevent glass shattering into the vehicle and injuring occupants. You can achieve these added safety measures by additionally installing a clear or tinted window film to your factory glass.


Want a darker/more aggressive look for your lights? We can tint any light from the amber side lights to taillights & headlights. Set up your appointment today.


Want a cool look for your windscreen? We provide a legal chameleon windscreen tint from £150 + VAT


Vehicle & Operator Services Agency (VOSA) Statement:

The UK Road Vehicles (Construction & Use) Regulations 1986 Act details the legality of window tinting in the UK - and as amended specifies the minimum levels of light that must pass through the windscreen and front side windows.

For a legal window tint in the UK the specifications are:

  • a) Motor Vehicles first used on or after 1 April 1985
  • b) The light transmitted through the windscreen must be at least 75%.
  • c) The front side windows (to either side of the drivers’ head) must allow at least 70% of light to be transmitted through them.

If the glass is tinted to a point whereby it lets through less light, the vehicle is breaking Construction & Use Regulations 1986 Act.

* Lifetime warranty is only applicable if your tints are specified within the guidelines Construction & Use Regulations 1986 Act. Any other shaded tints that are outside of the Construction & Use Regulations 1986 Act are deemed for show use only.