Car detailing Medway

Exceptional car detailing for Medway - Because perfection matters.

Detailing involves a keen eye for perfection and detail as the name suggests. Detailing involves thorough cleaning that a basic “valet” doesn’t offer. We fully decontaminate the car at our studio near Medway before refining the vehicle's paintwork, making it defect-free, by the removal of scratches and marring through the careful use of various polishes and pad combinations. We then protect the car through the options of wax, ceramic or paint protection to ensure that the paintwork is sealed from further contaminants, protected and maintained to prevent any further damage to the paintwork.

Free consultations for Medway residents

We believe in order for us to give you the best car detailing outcome, we require a consultation with you and your car. Since we're based close to Medway, you'll only have a short journey to visit us. This is a FREE service that allows us to give you an in-depth overview of your vehicle's current condition and what we can do to bring back the finish it once had or you wish to maintain. This includes Light Analysis, Dent & Damage repair detection as well as personal advice to what we could do & the likelihood of time & cost involved.

Audi R8 Detail and Paint protection
Ford Mustang Bullit Stage 2 Detail
Range Rover Stage 3 Detail
Satin Pearl White Bentley Flying Spur
Audi RS5 Detail & Paint Protection
VW Golf R New Car Detail & Paint Protection

Build your own package

We offer a huge range of options and we're based locally too, (just outside of Dartford) so why not get in touch with us to discuss what type of car detailing service you're interested in.

General enquiries or book a free quote

FRSH Customs are based in Northfleet so we're ideally located if you live in Medway.

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