Our professional car wraps provide you with the opportunity to choose an almost unlimited number of finishes when it comes to customising your vehicle. At FRSH Customs, we want to help make your car as individual as you are, so we combine a number of different options in your design until we hit the mix that matches your expectations. Tell us how you want to feel when you see and drive your car and we’ll do our best to make it happen with our bespoke Kent car wrapping service.


If you really want to be noticed, you can choose a bright, standout colour for your car. You can also get colours that look like they change depending on where you stand, giving your car a dynamic, fluid look that will turn heads everywhere you go. Alternatively, you may prefer something a bit sleeker and go for a luxurious, black finish. Whatever option you’re looking for, we have more than 300 colours to choose from so you’re bound to find the one that’s perfect for you.


The finish of your vinyl wrap enhances the visual impact of your car. When you have car wrapping in Kent with Frsh Customs, we have a wide range of finishes for you to choose from. These include:

  • Basic – this is a regular, solid colour and the most common finish you will see on older cars
  • Metallic – as above but with a little metal added to the colour to make it shine
  • Pearlescent – this is where ceramic particles are added to the paint to refract the light and make it shimmer
  • Matte – for understated glamour, this finish mimics that of classic cars and niche vehicles.


The ultimate personalisation comes from adding your own graphics to your car. These might be flash symbols for aesthetic reasons or something more practical, like your company logo and contact details.

If you choose to add your business details, your wrap gives you free advertising when you are driving around so that, eventually, this investment pays for itself.

If you ever want to sell on your vehicle, the wrap can be removed which will restore the resale value. It may even increase it as the paint will have been protected by the wrap so your car still looks shiny and new.