If you’re spending a chunk of your hard-earned cash on a full vinyl wrap, the minor details are just as important as the major ones. If it’s a full wrap, then we’ll give your vehicle’s door shuts as much care and attention as the rest of the car.

Although not visible unless the door is open, the shuts are the icing on the cake when a passenger gets in or out of your car. If not done well, or not done at all, it can create a half-baked impression if the door shuts don’t look as impressive as the rest of the car.

Before we begin wrapping a car, our trained mechanic will partially dismantle the vehicle so that we can gain access to every nook that needs to be wrapped. In order for us to wrap the door shuts, the mechanic will also remove all the doors so we can meticulously wrap every square centimetre to perfection. Don’t worry; once the wrap is complete, your car will be perfectly reassembled and will look amazing.

Door shut wraps

Driver's door shut

Front and rear door shuts