For those who aren’t already aware, car detailing offers so much more than a traditional car wash, and if detailing is something you are already familiar with, you may not be aware of the different detailing packages we offer at FRSH Customs.

Enhancement detailing is one of them and it’s a perfect choice if your car has already had detailing work done by us in the past. Alternatively, it works equally well if you’ve just treated yourself to a brand new car and are intending to get either PPF or a ceramic coating applied before you begin using it on a daily basis.

A brief summary

If your vehicle has already been exposed to the elements, it will inevitably already have light marring and/or tiny surface scratches – even if you clean it regularly. The paintwork will probably be slightly dull or moderately hazy and this is where our enhancement package can really help.

The end result will be a noticeably enhanced gloss with far better clarity and depth to the vehicle’s colour. We achieve this by using extremely mild abrasives and foam finishing pads which not only remove the bulk of the swirl marks but also produce an amazing glossy finish. Our enhancement detail takes two days and below is a quick breakdown of what it entails.

  • Full 21 stage wash process using 2 bucket method
  • Vehicle hand dry with ultra-soft microfibre drying towels
  • Blown dry to remove trapped water and eliminate drips
  • 1 stage machine polish
  • Finished with a synthetic paint sealant or carnauba wax
  • Wheel faces protected
  • Interior thoroughly vacuumed including luggage compartment
  • Interior and exterior glass cleaned and polished
  • Exterior trim & tyres dressed
  • Stainless steel/chrome polished and sealed

Featured image: Ford Mustang Bullit