Going that extra mile is certainly a feature to be enjoyed when having a professional car wrapping in Kent. These vinyl wraps are differing from a graphic wrap in various ways, mainly in the fact that they represent a quality paint job in the closest possible way, more so than other wrap options that are available.

In order to achieve this sleek finished look unobtainable from other methods, it is necessary to fully disassemble the car and we have a fully qualified and knowledgeable mechanic ready to strip the vehicle and reassemble it again.

We do this so that every corner and every edge on the vehicle is covered to perfection. There are no lines or edges that are visible to the eye or able to be lifted which can ruin the look of the wrap. Although we can offer shuts and returns as an additional extra, we do not normally include them in our standard service as our lines are so fine we can proudly say that they are barely noticeable.

What is available from FRSH?

When you opt to have your car wrapped, you can choose from over 300 colours and finishes in order to achieve that look that you have always wanted on your car. From Matte, Satin, Gloss and Pearls to Carbon Fibre, Chrome and Brushed Steel options, we are certain there will be something in our catalogue that appeals to your eye.

Textured options such as leather and alligator are also available, allowing us to go above and beyond a paint job. We combine the benefits of a wrap with the finished condition of a paint job in order to provide you with the best protection and look that only quality can provide. We are happy to mix and match styles to bring you a unique design that is specific to your style or company brand.

How do we do it?

It takes an extraordinary amount of precise care and meticulous work to carry out a complete colour change on a vehicle. We take pride in the attention to detail that we provide and focus on providing you with a quality result with a lifetime guarantee.

We consider all vehicles and enjoy listening to you, understanding why you wish to have this process done and offering examples that may inspire you to go beyond what you thought was imaginable.

We start by thoroughly washing each vehicle to remove every bit of loose dirt and dust. We follow this with a clay bar, prepping the surface entirely and removing all tar and road grime that will ultimately affect the overall quality of the final product.

Every part of the car is then safely disassembled and cleaned of excess dirt and grime so that these edges won’t fail you after time as well. After this, we use a special surface cleaner on every surface to remove any residual wax.

Preparation is the most important aspect of the entire procedure and we make sure that this is done correctly. A great vinyl wrap can be ruined by a contaminate seen or unseen. With our extensive knowledge and years of experience rest assured your car is in competent hands.