Are you considering car paint protection for your car in Kent? Here at Frsh Customs. our friendly team are here to give you a free consultation and all the info you need.

Your car may need some prep

It’s tempting to think that car paint protection in Kent will smooth over any digs or scratches on your car. This isn’t the case. In fact, a wrap can make these stand out more. If you need any small repairs, these need to be taken care of before you get your brand-new look.

As long as your car exterior is in relatively good condition, we take care of the rest of the prep. This involves removing all the dirt, dust and oil from it before we get going. We even remove exterior fittings so that we can clean all the edges. At Frsh Customs, we employ a qualified mechanic to ensure that car dismantling and reconstruction goes smoothly.

Be as bold or as subtle as you like

You can change the look of your car with car paint protection in Kent as many times as you like. To begin with, you may just go for something that is the same colour as your car. When it’s time to replace the wrap, you may have had time to think about all the possibilities. Whenever you’re ready for something more striking, we’re ready at Frsh Customs. We can help you design the perfect look for your car. Our range of finishes, colours and designs mean that the options are practically endless.

Protecting your investment

Once you invest in car paint protection in Kent, it’s worth taking the time to look after your car so that it lasts as long as possible. The best place to keep your wrapped car is in a garage so that it is not continuously exposed to the elements. If you have to keep it outside, you can use a cover to keep off the worst of the problems.

Car washes are a thing of the past for your vehicle. The abrasive brushes will damage your car paint protection so it’s time to go back to an old-fashioned sponge and bucket.

About us

We have many years of experience and have built an amazing team of specialists that provide a top class service for each and every customer. We have expert mechanics to disassemble panels and fit your custom parts and our wrap experts will ensure every crevasse is covered, ensuring you a finished product to be proud of.