So, you go to all the expense of having a clear Paint Protection Film (PPF) applied to your car but no one can see it – I mean, seriously, what’s the point of that..?

Owning a car, especially a high-end model, is becoming costlier every year. Aside from general inflation, the cost of fuel is rocketing too so we need to take a closer look at our finances and see if we’re wasting money unnecessarily. If you were previously thinking of investing in PPF for your vehicle, it may be something you’re now reconsidering so you can economise and save a few pounds. But, is this a false economy?

In this short post, we’ll look at a few of the most important things you should weigh up first before you ditch your Paint Protection plans.

1. A “brand new” secondhand car

If you’re thinking of selling your motor further down the line, then advertising it with the PPF still on it can boost its resale value. This is because the original paintwork underneath will be in much better condition and it also gives the new owner the option to either leave the PPF intact or to remove it and uncover the original paint. Alternatively, you can remove the PPF prior to putting the car up for sale, thus uncovering the glossy, protected paint underneath. This way, it’ll be free from dirt, scratches and chips etc. and will probably still look in mint condition – Who doesn’t like that shiny, expensive look?

There will usually be a price bracket which covers the amount you can expect to get for your vehicle. and you obviously want to make sure your car is at the top of it when it’s time to sell. The condition of the interior and exterior is obviously very important as well as the way it runs. Car paint protection is a good way to ensure that your car looks high-end and well cared for when the time comes to move on to a better model.

2. Give your car the opportunity to “heal” itself

I know, this sounds like nonsense right? – Car paint can’t heal itself if it’s damaged. Well, in a manner of speaking it can if it has a protective film over it. To quote from our PPF FAQ page:

“The clear coat is made from a special type of flexible polymer that can allow surface scratches to “heal” over time. This means that there’s no need for frequent polishing to try and keep it looking like it’s just been installed.”

As a general rule of thumb, damage that is less than 13 microns thick will ‘heal’ over time, thereby helping to keep that ‘just polished’ look. PPF will also help protect the paintwork from being scratched or chipped in the first place.

3. A ‘less stress’ option

Some of us take great pride in our vehicles and if you’re one of those people, you’ll know that it can actually be quite stressful trying to protect your car and look after its appearance every time you use it. Paint Protection Film does actually help relieve the stress somewhat as you’ll be less concerned about minor things like tree sap, insects, bird lime and, of course, minor scuffs and scratches.

4. Choose custom areas for protection

Not everyone wants their whole car covered in PPF. Aside from being a cheaper option, PPF can be applied only to those areas that are the most vulnerable. We have four coverage options for you to choose from – These range from just the front end and mirrors to the entire vehicle.

5. Inflation-busting finance

If you’re concerned about shelling out for full PPF all in one go, we offer affordable, interest-free finance so you can spread the cost over a longer period of time. The application process is quick and easy, with our chosen credit company performing a check to confirm that you’re eligible for the scheme. Once approved, you can split the cost into monthly instalments of up to 12 months without having to pay any interest whatsoever.

Getting car paint protection

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