If you’re local to the FRSH studio and are looking for high-end tints for your car or van, you may have found us by searching for something along the lines of window tinting Gravesend or other related phrases. Although you’ll find us listed, you’ll also find a large number of other companies that proport to offer a similar service to ours.

Although they may indeed provide a window tinting service, the quality of the products they use and the service they provide to clients can vary wildly from company to company. It’s often the case that many companies that offer car-related services such as stereo installs or even car repairs, will offer window tinting as something of a sideline to drum up a bit of extra business.

While this may be good for them, it isn’t necessarily good for you. The end result can sometimes leave you disillusioned and disappointed. You may even be thinking that you might as well have nipped down to the nearest car accessories retail outlet or used eBay to buy the window tints yourself, then have a go at installing them over the weekend!

The FRSH difference

That’s not the case with FRSH. Since the quality of the materials used can vary greatly, it’s important to only buy bespoke window film from leading global manufacturers, which is exactly what we do.

Our window film installers have undertaken thousands of installs on virtually every make and model of car imaginable. From a Fiat Uno to a Ferrari, they’ve tackled them all and over the years have meticulously honed their skills to achieve the best results time after time.

We’re window tinting specialists

Window tints don’t just come in one variety; you can choose any shade you like – From Limo 5% right up to the legal limit; it’s up to you. We can also provide ceramic window films on request.

Our lifetime warranty guarantee

Unlike most companies, we offer a 100% backed lifetime warranty on ALL window films we fit. There are NO short edges, weird-looking corners or bubbles at our Gravesend workshop; we’re Kent’s leading custom car shop and pride ourselves on our attention to detail and the perfect results we achieve time and time again. If you live in Gravesend and want a company that’s not only local but will also do the best job possible using ONLY high-quality film (with a lifetime warranty), get in touch with us to find out more.

What else do you do?

We specialise in all things customs and we’re passionate about our work. We’re also well-known throughout for our distinctive and creative car viny wraps, car detailing and of course our durable and reliable Xpel paint protection film installs. If you’re looking to create a real head-turner on 4 wheels, that’s exactly what we do… and we love it!