If you are looking to maximize the resale value of your car as well as keeping maintenance costs down as low as possible whilst you are using your car, then look no further than considering car paint protection in Kent.

This film will be expertly installed by our XPEL PPF trained staff who take meticulous care and take note of the slightest attention to detail to ensure that you receive a high quality protective film over the entire surface of your car.

We use XPEL’s Ultimate Paint Protection film as it combines top-notch durability and clarity that has not yet been matched on the market. We ensure that we use only the best quality products and with our vast extent of knowledge and experience in this field, we know how to use it properly to gain maximum results.

With its extremely low surface energy, it is able to shed grime, dust, wax and other contaminants that has previously stained other films. It even contains unique elastomeric polymers that can repair themselves over time, further improving the quality of the film and allowing to last longer on your car, giving you great value for money.

Why would I have a protective film on my car?

This film covers the front of your car and protects it from the numerous stones, gravel, salt and insects that constantly batter the edge. Over time, as the paint chips away, metal is exposed which can lead to damaging rust if not treated swiftly and correctly.

Not only will this lower the resale of your car significantly when it comes a time for you to want to sell it, it also has an unappealing visage about it and can cost you money in the long run as you need to repair the outer body to ensure the security of the entire vehicle.

The application of this thin and virtually invisible film ensures that bumpers, thresholds, lights, edging and the front parts of the entire car are protected from damage. There are several ways in which this film can be utilized.

What are these ways?

There are several packages that we offer, ranging from standard to complete and all have their benefits. We welcome you to discuss with us what your priorities are, how often you use your car and what you want to get out of our service so that we can agree on a package deal that best suits your needs and wishes.

A standard package, offering a basic level of protection is a great way of seeking protection from stone chips in the most common areas. Front and full front packages ensure the entire front end of the car is protected from damage as well as vulnerable side areas as well in the more advanced package option.

We also offer you a full package that offers our clients complete peace of mind. All external surfaces are covered with a self-healing top coat that prevents permanent marks that can occur from simply opening doors or passers-by.

Come and see us today to see what we can do for you, and while you’re with us, we’ll also let you know about our Kent car wrapping service as this is another great way to enhance and protect your vehicle.

Here at FRSH Customs, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and offer a free consultation with one of our paint protection experts with no obligation to buy.