When it comes to reselling a vehicle, most people are not mechanics and hang a lot of importance on the look of a car to tell them how well it works. It is advised, and we hope people do take our advice here, that you should always get the opinion of a mechanic before buying a second-hand car and if you are selling yours, provide all the necessary documents regarding the health checks and servicing that the car has undergone.

So, when an ordinary person inspects a car before deciding to invest in having it checked out by a mechanic, they take a look at the interior, the upkeep, the paint job and how much black around the exhaust pipe in a vain attempt to gauge for themselves how the car performs.

For this example alone, it is supremely important to have a beautiful looking car to present prospective buyers with. Should the car look new, the resale can certainly be maximized.

As the car makes it to the mechanic for an inspection, a car with paint protection will not have the regular stone chips and damage on the front that most cars do, giving it many more years of life before potential rust or other issues can come into play.

Car paint protection in Kent certainly does increase the value of your car.

How does it work?

A virtually invisible layer of film is placed over the leading edges of your car in order to protect them from stone chips, gravel, swirls, salt or insects. This film helps all front parts of the car including but not limited to bumpers, lights, thresholds, edging and other front and side areas of the car, depending on your desired level of protection.

Car paint protection in Kent will maintain and preserve the quality of a car’s paint and front edge of your car for up to 10 years. It is thicker than a vinyl wrap and the quality of the film that we use is above and beyond the competition. It has self-healing qualities that repel stone chips, doesn’t discolour and can last longer than any of the other products that are available out there.

How do we do it?

First, we need to inspect the vehicle to identify any existing stone chips, scratches, marks or damage. We can discuss with you the options that we have available in order to tidy these up so that they do not affect the final finished product.

We then thoroughly decontaminate the car by washing it in several stages. This ensures that all build-up of grime, dirt, and wax is fully removed so that adhesion is the best it possibly can be, extending the life of the film. This includes a clay bar to remove any bonded contaminants from the car body.

The templates are digitally cut and are from the exact model and design of your car. This ensures a perfect fit that was meant perfectly for your car’s make and model. Our experienced and well-trained staff then apply the film to the car body and inspect the finished product to ensure there are no visible flaws.

Other ways to protect your car

If you haven’t already considered it, you can also opt for our car wrapping service in Kent, which is another great way to protect your vehicle