If it’s hot off the production line, you’ll no doubt already be thinking of ways to protect your new car from scratches, chips and scuffs. If you’re also thinking more long-term, you’ll probably be concerned about what can be done to keep your new purchase looking as fresh as the day you bought it by avoiding things like paint-fade or fine scratches that will normally occur over time. If that’s the case, FRSH Customs can provide you with a few options to suit your budget.

What are my options?

You can, of course, opt for one of our Paint Protection Film (PPF) Packages which start from as little as £500+VAT. Our basic package will provide protection for the most vulnerable areas that are prone to stone chips and pitting on the front of the car such as the front of the bonnet, bumper, front of wings, headlights and wing mirrors. Aside from this, we also offer our New Car Protection Detail which is tailor-made to ensure that your new vehicle begins its life in the best possible way whilst keeping is fully protected over time.

More about our ‘New Car Protection Detail’

It’s a bit of a myth that every new car that’s delivered to its new owner is sparkling, immaculate and blemish-free. In our experience, this is often not the case and believe me, we’ve seen a few horror stories in our time – It’s not uncommon for the disgruntled customer to receive a car that’s been stored badly, damaged in transport, has unsightly buffer or factory sanding marks, is scratched or has even been partially resprayed! …the list goes on and on, but I’m sure you get the point.

If you’re fortunate and have taken delivery of a new car that doesn’t fit the above scenarios, you’ll probably already have been offered some type of care package from the dealership. They’ll often throw a bunch of familiar names in your direction such as AutoGlym, DiamondBrite, GardX etc. with lofty “lifetime” claims. Whilst there isn’t any inherent problem with these types of packages, the reality is that, in our opinion, they don’t provide particularly good value for money. For us, it’s a bit like being offered that dreaded “2-year parts and labour” optional insurance policy at the till in Argos when you’ve just bought a toaster that’s on special offer at £5.99! Joking aside, it’s a nice sentiment but does it really offer good value for money?

Experience matters

We often find that dealership in-house valet teams have a high workload and are sometimes only given a short timeframe to complete the work; sometimes only one or two hours if you’re lucky. Add to this that the work is often carried out by inexperienced staff who have never been properly trained and don’t understand the importance of paintwork preparation, and quite frankly, don’t really care that much anyway.

We do this for a living and the end-result, customer satisfaction and our reputation really do matter to us – It’s a labour of love (that takes us two days, not two hours, btw) and giving new cars the best possible protection and finish throughout their lifetime is what we do, day-in, day out. As such, we use some of the industry’s finest tools, chemicals and coatings which can help protect your car for between one and five years, and our prices come out as comparable to what the dealship will offer you.

Declining the dealership’s initial valet service

It may sound counter-intuitive but if you’re thinking of choosing us for the detailing of your new car, we ask that you make it clear to the dealer that you don’t want the car touched by their valet crew prior to collection. The reason for this is that if the dealer’s valet team wash or polish it, they can actually do more harm than good but adding fine scratches and swirls to the paint which we’ll then need to correct. Not only can this spoil the paintwork, but it can also shorten the lifespan of the gloss. The bottom line is that, if you want the best start in life for your investment, leave it to the professionals at FRSH Customs.

Nano-ceramic coatings

Things have come a long way from the tin of beeswax and yellow duster that grandad used to polish his Morris Minor every Sunday. The modern-day nano-ceramic coatings that are present in the products we use provide unrivalled UV resistance, dirt repellency, easy clean and swirl resistance. Furthermore, our Total Surface Protection package includes coatings for your alloys, which we remove so that we can coat the inside as well. We’ll also coat all exterior glass coated which will be sealed with a long-lasting rain repellent and protect your car’s interior with nano-ceramic coatings on the carpets, alcantara and even the leather in order to protect against dirt & dye. This is what real “detailing” means.

How much does it cost and what does it entail?

Our packages start from as little as £100, going up to £350 for the full process which includes:

  • Full 21-stage safe wash process including decontamination
  • Hand and blow dry to remove trapped water and eliminate drips
  • Single-stage machine polish to remove surface defects such as marring and fine scratches whilst enhancing gloss levels.
  • All polish residue removed by wiping down paintwork to prepare for the application of the ceramic coating.
  • Paintwork coated with a ceramic sealant
  • Interior and exterior glass cleaned and polished
  • Tyres Dressed
  • Exhaust tips polished
  • Final inspection and wipe down

Find out more

New Car Detailing isn’t all we do. For the full range of detailing services provided at FRSH, visit our main detailing page and scroll down to see the wide variety of options on offer. If you’d like to know more about any of these services, give us a call or drop us an email.