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Bespoke London Vehicle Wrapping Service - The FRSH studio is based in Kent with collection & delivery options available for London clients.

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Bespoke London Car Wrapping

Based close to London, our vehicle vinyl wrapping service differs from a graphic wrap insofar as it's the closest thing to a paint job possible. A fully qualified mechanic strips and disassembles the car so that we can carry out the wrap, then re-assembles it once we're done. This means that you will have every edge and corner wrapped to perfection. Wrapping shuts and returns are normally not included as our lines are so fine it is hardly noticeable, but it can be done as an optional extra.

Over 300 Colours & Finishes

We have over 300+ colours & finishes to choose from. There are Gloss, Matte, Satin, Pearls, Carbon Fibre, Brushed Steel, and Chrome colours. These are just a few of the main categories to choose from, with more samples available to view at our shop in Kent. There's also the very popular classic Carbon Fibre Interior look; we have about 10 coloured carbons as well as different Brushed Steels or other textured colours. From leather to alligator, there are many styles to mix and match.

If you want something really special, it's worth paying us a visit from London to see how we stand out from the crowd.

Car wrapping in more than 300 colours

To accomplish a complete colour change on a vehicle entails an overwhelming amount of work and meticulous attention to detail. It starts with a wash to remove any loose dirt or dust. Next, it's followed by a clay bar to ensure that the surface is fully prepped and has no tar or road grime. We then safely disassemble pieces of the car (door handles, mirrors, bumpers, grills, headlights, taillights, emblems, etc.) in order to clean any excess dirt from edges and surrounding parts to ensure edges that won't fail on you.

The whole car is then fully decontaminated using our special surface cleaner to get rid of any wax or contaminates. The prep is one of the most crucial parts, so we avoid using any adhesive promoters that can compromise the integrity of the paint and we utilise Knifeless tape instead of risking scoring/cutting on paint. We regularly arrange car collection and delivery for all of London for bespoke car wrapping projects.

The end result is your car having a completely new custom look along with being an incredibly effective asset towards protecting your paint.  Life expectancy differs between who you ask, but we believe in giving realistic expectations for the product and it ultimately comes down to how well it's maintained.  We feel comfortable giving expectations of about 3 years on a daily driven car, but the manufacturers rate it as a 5-7 year product.  An incredible alternative to painting your vehicle without compromising the integrity of the car and it's resale value.

Blackout packages vary significantly between each car, but is usually the first and one of the most important aesthetic modifications you can do to your car.  The unsightly chrome car companies use as accent pieces on window trim, grills, emblems, and so much more...can now be saved.  We offer vinyl wrapping of trim pieces, painting of emblems, painting of grills, smoking of lights, and powder coating of wheels.  Give your car the factory aggressive look it deserves and eliminate the unnecessary use of chrome.  Unlike paint that tends to easily chip and can be outrageously expensive, as well as permanent...we have the perfect solution.  We can also utilise any colour to accent wheels or and dream combination you can come up with!

Awesome Design

We have an in-house design team to create that perfect business advertisement or show car graphic. Our team of designers use state of the art programs to render the designs specific to the make, model and year of your vehicle. There is no guesswork involved in manufacturing side as we're able to get it perfect the first try. Your company logos, contact information, and graphics can be placed flawlessly with a rendered draft before anything is printed. This way we can save you time, money, and create a product we guarantee you'll be pleased with before the wrap is applied.

We Wrap Everything

At FRSH Customs, we don’t just wrap cars; we can wrap interior panels, bars, stained glass and walls too. Whatever part of your car you want wrapped, we can make it happen. With textured fabrics and carbon fibre you can achieve a muriad of different looks. Our London car wrapping service is flexible; if there is something specific, we can always create a printed design to your liking as well. We can give you a unique look that is bound to turn heads so that rriving your newly wrapped car around London will never be the same again.

Collection & Delivery Available Throughout London

You're no doubt aware that there are a multitude of car wrapping companies offering car and van wraps in London, so why choose us?

If you're looking for a bespoke London car wrapping service to take care of your elite vehicle, it pays to find a company that stands out from the crowd. If you take a look at out portfolio page, you'll see the level of craftsmanship and attention to detail we offer. If you have an expensive vehicle you cherish, it makes sense to choose a company that has the experience needed to look after it; that's us.

Depending on the type of car, we can arrange colllection and delivery anywhere in London. We'll either drive it ourselves (we're fully insured of course) or can arrange to have the car trailered to our workshop instead.

We cover all of London

This includes South East and South West London, North and North West London, East and West London and, of course, Central London.

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