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Car wrapping in Kent: What you need to know

You may have discovered that a few businesses or friends have invested in having their car professionally wrapped and have liked the final outcome. A great investment that doesn’t harm the integrity of the car and often boosts value, people can enjoy driving in a car that has a sleek professional finish demonstrating the look…

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What can I expect from car wrapping in Kent?

Going that extra mile is certainly a feature to be enjoyed when having a professional car wrapping in Kent. These vinyl wraps are differing from a graphic wrap in various ways, mainly in the fact that they represent a quality paint job in the closest possible way, more so than other wrap options that are…

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Your customisation options

Car wrapping in Kent offers you plenty of options when it comes to your vehicle. At Frsh Customs, we want to help make your car as individual as you are, so we combine a number of different options in your design until we hit the mix that matches your expectations. Tell us how you want…

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