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What is vinyl and who invented it?

Who Invented Vinyl? – The History of PVC

This isn’t one of those posts where we tell you about how great we are and why you should use us – This one is strictly for all the vinyl junkies out there. Since we use a derivative of vinyl on a daily basis when we’re wrapping and protecting our clients’ cars, we thought we’d…

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Professional and affordable car & vehicle wrapping Surrey

Vinyl wraps – What you need to know

You may have discovered that a few businesses or friends have invested in having their car professionally wrapped and have liked the final outcome. A great investment that doesn’t harm the integrity of the car and often boosts value, people can enjoy driving in a car that has a sleek professional finish demonstrating the look…

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Full car wrap

What can I expect from my wrap?

Going that extra mile is certainly a feature to be enjoyed when having a professional car wrapping in Kent. These vinyl wraps are differing from a graphic wrap in various ways, mainly in the fact that they represent a quality paint job in the closest possible way, more so than other wrap options that are…

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